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Stevie Stibor: Director of Children's Ministries 


About CUMC Family Ministries

Our goal is to help families experience Jesus in their day to day lives.  We believe that as this happens everything about their normal lives will be flipped upside down and the result will be peace, love, joy, patience, and understanding.  We believe that as we walk together as a community, His presence transforms us into something new and beautiful.

CUMC Youth staff

Stevie Stibor has been our Director of Children's Ministries since 2019 and has been actively involved in various volunteer roles from Sunday school  to youth group to outreach since 2011.  In addition to her work at CUMC, Stevie is also a certified Health Coach, Strategic Interventionist and Life Coach.  She believes that life balance is the cornerstone for health and vitality.  To accomplish this, fulfillment is essential in five target areas:  spirituality, career/education, relationships/family, physical activity and nutrition.