Mosaic Family & Youth Groups

At Mosaic Family Ministries we believe that life is better with others. In fact, when Jesus walked the earth he invited a group of people to come and follow him. Living on their own would not have transformed them in the way that living in a group did. That's why we get together often in groups to explore what it means to follow Jesus and to spur each other on to do it more!

what do groups look like during covid-19?

We're glad you asked! Even though most schools are in session in our area, the Church remains a different kind of community because of people who range in age from 0-100 in our congregation! Because of this our Administrative Council has chosen to remain flexible on our approach and for the time being we are maintaining a digital approach to ministry. 

Watch this video from Director of Family Ministries, Nate Gruber, for more information on what groups look like for us at this time...