Mosaic Kids

Children's ministry is important to us because we believe that children who learn about and develop a strong, lasting and close relationship with God will maintain that connection throughout their entire lives.  We believe that starting at a young age offers continuity in the teachings of God so they may see the beauty in living a Christ-centered life.  As they continue to grow within the church children will develop good habits in the way they worship, study and talk about Jesus. 


All your children shall be taught by the Lord,

and great shall be the peace

of your children. 

~ Isaiah 54:13      

what we are doing during the pandemic

While many schools and even some churches have reopened, we are cognizant of the varying needs and concerns of our congregation and keeping everyone safe remains at the center of our attention.  For this reason, our Administrative Council made the decision to continue to reach our congregation in ways that do not include in-person gatherings. 


With that in mind, we are offering Sunday school resources and content on this site as well as within our Facebook group, Families of Mosaic Kids.  Our intent is to offer continuity within our ministry that provides at home engagement for our families.