Faith formation is important for Christians at any age.  We believe learning and growing our faith starts in the early years and continues throughout our entire life.  Learning within a group of all ages is important because we believe that children and adults absorb so much from one another.  Creating an environment to learn about and develop a strong, lasting and close relationship with God will strengthen and foster that connection. 


We believe that starting at a young age offers continuity in the teachings of God so children may see the beauty in living a Christ-centered life.  As they continue to grow within the church children will develop good habits in the way they worship, study and talk about Jesus.  All your children will be taught by the Lord.  And they will have much peace.  ~ Isaiah 54:13 

Adults also need to nuture their faith journeys.  Discipleship requires intentional, spiritual practices throughout our lives - this does not end based on age.  In fact, as we grow more mature our faith deepens and we are enriched by the Holy Spirit.  The practice of living a Christ-centered life involves time with God, time with education, and time with other faith-minded friends.  "This work must continue until we are all joined together in the same faith and in the same knowledge about the Son of God.  We must become like a mature person -- we must grow until we become like Christ and have all his perfection."  ~ Ephesians 4:13

Please join us, either in person for Faith Formation classes, online for Virtual Sunday School, or both.  Please also join our Facebook group, Faith Formation Families, for more




resouces and content.  Our intent is to offer continuity within our ministry that provides at home engagement for our families.


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"The Heart that Grew Three Sizes"

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