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Book of Proverbs Daily Spiritual Practices

Starting Sunday, November 1st, we're going to begin a simple spiritual practice as families. Many people actually perform this spiritual practice throughout the entirety of their lives (believe it or not). We are going to follow the book of Proverbs on a daily basis for the month of November and read the chapter of Proverbs that correlates to the day of the month. So on November 1st we will read Proverbs 1. On November 2nd we will read Proverbs 2, and so on.

We are asking that your family join us on the journey. Every day you will see a blog post for that day with a post about the chapter for that day. It is as simple as taking 1-3 minutes with your family each day and reading the chapter. Then ask each member to pick their favorite verse or two and to share why they chose that verse.

Lastly, pray over what God will do in and through your life as you participate with him and with the people in your family. Pray that it would transform you and lead you into a deeper place of being human. We think your family is going to benefit from this practice.

Talk to you soon!

P.S. Here's a short video about Proverbs as a primer...

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