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Confirmation #10 - "The Gospels"

This week we jump into all 4 Gospel accounts in the New Testament. "Gospel" means good news. In this case they are Good News accounts about the life of Jesus. Watch the video and then come ready on Sunday night to respond with your answers to the questions below.

  1. Open up to either Matthew, Mark, Luke, or John. Pick out a passage that interests you. Then come ready on Sunday night to share why you think its message was "Good News" to the people who experienced it first hand.

  2. What was one thing you learned during this session that you did not know previously?

  3. If a friend asked you what the "Gospel" was all about, how would you respond? (in 3-4 sentences) Come ready to share on Sunday night

Here's an extra video for those of you who want to learn more about the Gospel. (it's a short video)

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