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Confirmation #13 - Paul's Theology & The Book of Romans

Hey Confirmands!

This week we have two very related subjects. The Apostle Paul, who we learned about last week, his theology (how he thinks about God), and a letter he wrote called "Romans." Since I was unable to work out Zoom on my end last week, this week we'll answer questions from this week and last week. Because of that I'm only asking you two questions today...


  1. Open up to one of the passages I mention in the video and read it for yourself. Come ready to share which passage, what you think it means and why you feel like it's important to people and to you personally as well.

  2. Read Romans chapter 8. Pick out a verse or two that you really love. Why do you like them so much? Why is it meaningful to you?

Bonus/Extra. You do not need to watch this, but I'm providing a really helpful 7 minute video about the book of Romans for those of you who might find it interesting. Romans is one of the most life changing books in the Bible. I pray that God speaks to you through it...

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