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Confirmation #18 - The Quadrilateral

Confirmands! We have a really interesting week this week. It talks about something called the "Wesleyan Quadrilateral" which essentially is how we as Methodists understand our faith in the world. We use four sources of determining questions (hence the name "Quadrilateral") - Tradition, Scripture, Experience, and Reason. Watch the video and then finish up these questions for Sunday night...


  1. What is something (a question or topic or event) in your life that spans all four of these areas? Come ready on Sunday night to explain how this thing overlaps all four categories - tell us how you use all four parts of the Quadrilateral to determine an answer for this thing.

  2. Example...The question "How did the universe come into being?" is a question I have been pondering for a few decades. I use all four parts of the quadrilateral to determine the answer for myself. I read Scripture and see what it says, I listen to Church tradition and understand what the tradition says about the topic, I have listened to teachers in school and have watched and read many books, podcasts, and instructional videos which all have challenged my reasoning, and lastly - I look at my experiences in the world and how they challenge or confirm the other three resources I use. When I do all of this I am able to come to a conclusion for myself, and as my experiences and reasoning shift over the years, I'm able to shift my beliefs as well.

  3. Come ready on Sunday night to go into depth about a topic or idea that you've needed to engage all four areas of the Quadrilateral.

2. Second, watch the video below and bring something you learned from it to class. Can you catch anything in the video that they may have gotten wrong? See if you can pick it up!

3. Lastly, what is the part of the Quadrilateral that you feel resonates most with you, and why?

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