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Confirmation #2 - "Hebrew Bible"

Hey Confirmands! We are into week #2 and our lesson for today is on the "Hebrew Bible" otherwise known as the Old Testament. This week we'll learn a lot of very interesting things about the Hebrew language and read some parts of the Old Testament. Even more than that though, we will focus in on learning how to put on our "Hebrew Bible Worldview Glasses" through which we will understand lots of other things in new and revealing ways!

Also this week we have a bonus video that is only 4 minutes long that I want you to watch. It takes some of the ideas we talked about in our session and cements them in a pretty cool way. I think you guys will like it...

Lastly, come ready to answer these 3 questions at our Zoom Call on Sunday at 5pm...

  1. What is the most interesting thing I learned about the Hebrew Bible?

  2. What is something I did not know prior to this week's lesson?

  3. What is one question I have after watching the two videos?

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