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Confirmation #20: Prayer

This week we touch on prayer just a bit. I say just a bit, because this is another shorter lesson - clocking in at less than 20 minutes. Because of that you're going to have a bit of work to do on your own so that you can come ready to share your experiences on Sunday night. Please do the following...

  1. On page 26, on the bottom left hand corner, it says "More than one way to pray." We want you to try out one of those kinds of prayer. Then come ready to share about your experience. Spend at least 15 minutes praying in whatever way you choose. Lastly, bring something to show what you did. For example - if you took a walk, maybe you take a picture of something in nature from your walk. Or, if you made a piece of art, show us that piece of art. Or if you journaled, show us your journal or that you wrote in it.

  2. On page 25, on the bottom right hand corner, it says "Give me Prayers!." Imagine if you only demanded things from God when you pray, or if you only said the same three things every time you talked with God. What would that say about how you view God? What problems could that create for your faith? I want you to spend 5-10 minutes thinking about that this week. Really think about it...imagine if that was the way your friend treated you - how would it make you feel? What would it communicate? Lastly - think about what that tells you about how you should talk and listen to God, and then come ready to share on Sunday night.

Lastly, watch this very short video about "listening" in the Bible and come ready to share your favorite thing you learned from it.

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