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Confirmation #22: Communion

Hi Confirmands!

I am posting this lesson early. We will meet and discuss the questions on Sunday, April 11 at 5pm on Zoom. I hope you enjoy learning about the practice of Communion, which our church does once a month...

Questions: The questions this week are all taken from pages 38-39...

  1. Think about the differences between a meal you get at a fast-food place and one made by someone who loves you. Why are these meals different? What might make communion a different kind of meal than others you eat?

  2. Do you think it's okay for someone who is not a Christian to eat the communion meal of bread and wine? Why or why not? (feel free to do a little research of your own if you'd like)

  3. What are some things you might give up or say no to in order to be more like Jesus? What can make it hard to live that way?

  4. What are some of the benefits of an "Open Table"?

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