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Confirmation #23: Worship & Service

This week we talk about 2 sides of the same coin, Worship & Service. Watch our video lesson for this week and then come ready with your responses to the questions below...

  1. Open to page 41. Do the main activity that asks you to write down what your life at church looks like vs. your life outside of church. What is the same in both? What is different? Why do you think that is?

  2. Open to pages 42-43. Out of the 5 red circles, which of these have you experienced in your life at church? In other words, have you personally experienced your need for God? Have you personally experienced your gifts or passions coming alive? Have you personally grown in who you are? Pick as many of those as you feel you've experienced, and come ready to share how you've experienced those things.

  3. Look at the bottom right part of page 43 called "When is Worship Worship?" Do what it says...draw a circle around the red circles you can do on your own, and a square around things you need a community to do. Now think about it...Why is it so important to have community when it comes to growth in faith and in life?

  4. Lastly, look at the white circles on pages 42-43. Pick one or two of those circles that is something that you've experienced or something that makes the most sense to you and share why it stands out more than the others. For example, you might pick "Sacraments" because it is something physical and tangible that you can experience.

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