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Confirmation #24: The General Rules

We are getting so close to the end! This week we take a look at The General Rules, which are three basic guidelines that lead us in our relationship with God and others. Sounds simple right? Dive in and watch the video, then do the questions and come ready on Sunday night on Zoom!


  1. Take a look at all 5 of the situations on your infographic for this week (pages 46-47) and answer how you would respond to each one of the situations. It's not always easy to know what the "right" thing to do is, but sometimes it's more clear than at other times. Come ready to share with the class the things that you decided you would do in each situation.

  2. Now, think of 3 situations in your life where you had to choose how you were going to act or respond. How did you use the General Rules in those situations? Did you? How would you respond better if you could respond in light of the General Rules in the future?

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