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Confirmation #25: Baptism & Confirmation

Hello Confirmands!

On to another week. This is a very important lesson about Baptism and Confirmation and how the two of those are linked to one another. Watch the video and then spend about 3-5 min on each of the things we ask you to do below...

This week we are asking you to do an exercise from page 55 in your book. Read the section entitled "Okay, but what I AM ready?" Then do what they ask...

  1. Think of the three best things you learned in Confirmation this year. (Again, spend about 3-5 minutes thinking about each one. Go back and look at past lessons, read your notes, or think in depth about those three things you learned this year.)

  2. What's one thing about the rite of Confirmation that still makes you nervous?

Lastly, watch this video from the Bible Project on Water of Life. It's very short, but it goes into how the Bible uses water in MANY ways. As we think about our baptisms and confirmation, we are baptized into this life-giving water of God...

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