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Confirmation #4 "Law"

Greetings Confirmation! This week we dive into The Law. Sometimes when we say "the law" we're talking about a specific law, but in the Bible we're talking about the whole book of the Law - 613 laws to be exact. At other times we're talking about the first 5 books of the Bible, sometimes called the "Pentateuch." And sometimes it's just a general term for the Old Testament in a nutshell. Confused? Watch this video and then think about these questions...

  1. What is a law you always make sure to respect? What is one that you wish didn't exist?

  2. Flip through the book of Leviticus in your Bible. Pick out one of the strangest laws you can find. Why do you think they had that law?

  3. Why do you think God gave the people of Israel laws?

Once you've answered these questions, please DO watch this next 6 minute video and then think about this question...

  1. What from this video is something that I've never realized or thought about before?

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