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Confirmation #5 - Wisdom Literature

Happy Halloween week! This week we get into a section of the Bible that is called "Wisdom Literature." The people who wrote these books were interested in writing deep wonderings about the meaning of life and the nature of God - but don't be intimidated! Wisdom literature is sometime confusing because it can seem to contradict itself, but in reality it is taking into account the deep complexity of the human experience. Have fun and watch our video for this week!

While you're watching, take a few minutes to do the following...

  1. Pick a Psalm, any Psalm! Flip through your Bible and try to find a Psalm that sounds interesting to you. Not sure which one to pick? Do a Google search for different kinds of Psalms and come ready to ready your favorite couple of verses from it on Sunday night!

  2. What was one thing you learned that you did not previously know?

  3. Now flip through Matthew chapters 5-7. Find something from Jesus' Sermon on the Mount that you think sounds like Wisdom Literature. Be ready to share that with the class.

No extra movie this week, since you'll have your hands full with the questions. Have fun!

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