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Confirmation #7 - The Rise of Rome

Hello, hello hello! This week we talk about the coming and going of empires that overtake the region of Israel in the ancient world. We touch on Egypt, Assyria, Babylon, Persia, and ultimately on our theme for the week - the Roman Empire.

This week's video is different in that it is a solo video recorded from my (Nate's) house. We are in quarantine mode for a bit as there have been some close contacts with people who ended up testing positive for COVID-19. Enjoy the video and then come ready to answer the questions below...

  1. We go over a lot of history this week. That can either be interesting or boring to you. Pick out 2 things that you found to be very interesting from the video that you didn't previously know about.

  2. Open your Bible to Matthew chapter 5. This is a part of Jesus' Sermon on the Mount, where he outlines what the Kingdom of God is like. Pick out one thing from Matthew 5 that sticks out to you. Then be ready to explain why you think it goes along with the Roman Empire's values or not.

  3. Example: Matthew 5:5 says "Blessed are the meek, for they will inherit the earth." This goes against what Rome stood for because meekness would be seen as weakness. Rome would have said that the strong and powerful are the one's who are in charge of the earth. (I hope that helps make sense of what I'm asking you to do)

3. Lastly, think about a way in which our modern culture reflects Rome. How do you think you, your family, your church, your school (pick one) needs to change in order to reflect the Kingdom of God rather than the Kingdom of Rome?

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