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Confirmation #8 - Maps

This week we get into our Biblical Geography and look at some maps. That will either excite you or bore you, but either way, geography is very important in understanding the stories in the Bible. Watch the video and then come on Sunday night ready to answer these three questions...

  1. What is one thing you learned this week that you found to be the most interesting part of the lesson?

  2. Open up your Bible to the book of Joshua. Find the name of a place (either city, territory or region) and then see if you can find it on a map on the internet. Come ready on Sunday to share the passage in Joshua you read, the name of the place and where it is located.

  3. Do an internet search on the city of Jerusalem. Discover one or two things about its geography that you find to be significant or interesting and then be ready to share with the group.

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