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Introducing Our Parenting Podcast: "On Their Team"

Hey parents! Welcome to a crazy fall! In the next few days you'll see updates from us about youth groups restarting at Community United Methodist in Cedarburg. (We're waiting to get final word on how and to what extent from our Administrative Council early next week) But in the meantime we have some very exciting news...

We have created a weekly parenting podcast called "On Their Team" !

Every week, Stevie Stibor (Director of Children's Ministry and myself (Nate Gruber, Director of Family Ministry & Discipleship) sit down for a quick (20 min) conversation about raising kids who not only are growing into people you want them to be, but into the people God has created them to be. We start from a launching point that believes this happens when your family gets on the same team, hence the name "On Their Team."

You'll notice a new tab at the top of this webpage with a link to the podcast "On Their Team"

In the next week or two you'll see it included on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify as well as most other podcast providers. Go ahead and "follow" or "subscribe" when that happens, and share with a friend! We hope this makes it simple for you to listen in the car, while doing dishes, or wherever else you like to listen to podcasts. Our hope is that in 20 short minutes a week you might be able to take some tangible steps in moving with your family, on the same team, towards a stronger connection with each other and God.

For now, why not listen to our First Episode...

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