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Proverbs 1-2: Wisdom Cries Out In The Streets!

Like a loudspeaker on the street corner - wisdom cries out!

We start our journey through Proverbs with chapters 1-2. Chapter 1 sets up what this book is all about...it's about Wisdom (with a capital "W" - it is often personified in this book). And where does wisdom start? According to Proverbs 1, it begins at home, with your parents.

"Hear, my child, your father's instruction,

and do not reject your mother's teaching,

for they are a fair garland for your head,

and pendants for your neck." (Pr. 1:8-9)

From our parents we learn to seek Life rather than Death. If we ignore these lessons the author of Proverbs warns us that our desires for greed and wealth will "take away the life of its possessors." (Pr. 1:19)

Wisdom, on the other hand, stands on the street corner calling to everyone (vs. 20-33). Yet all of us have rejected Her. (vs. 24) We tend to only seek wisdom when we are in the mess of our own making. Yet it is usually too late. (vs. 28) But those of us who learn to Fear the LORD will obtain something that can only be had through continual practice. (Pr. 1:7)


So for us today, this is the point. Learning to see God as God really is, and ourselves as we really are. In our current culture we have a tendency to think of ourselves as either too great or too small. And yet learning from Wisdom is learning to fear God which means to have a reverent awe and acknowledgment of just how amazing the Creator must be. When our depth of wonder deepens and we recognize there is a God who created all of what we see, and has made us intricately and wonderfully, our natural response is awe, wonder, and even fear. This book of Proverbs wants to teach us to learn to stand in a right place before God - seeing God as He is, and seeing ourselves in our right place. Only then can we begin on the path of becoming Wise.


So what verse did you pick from today's reading (either chapter 1 or chapter 2?) What verse did your kids pick? Feel free to comment and share what you've been talking about in your house today.

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