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Updated: Mar 20

A new way for us to stay connected...

Are you ready for things to get a little easier?

“A place where they can stay on top of what's happening in our ministry...”

There are sometimes in life when we're forced to make a change. For months, we have toyed with the idea of creating a website that would come alongside parents, youth and teens at CUMC. A place where they can stay on top of what's happening in our ministry, catch up on what happened if they missed; watch video content to share with their child at home; and get resources from other amazing leaders who want nothing more than to help your family get closer to each other and closer to God.

A New Era for your Family

Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, we are forced to adjust and connect with students and parents 100% online. This means that the need for a new and easy to use platform was necessary. What this means is this is your new home to get weekly content for Kids Sunday School, Middle School Youth Group, Confirmation, High School Bible Study, Blog Posts for Parents, and links to other great blogs that will give you creative ideas for parenting and faith.

What's the Best that Could Happen?

“...instead of imagining the worst, what if we dreamed of the best for our families and community?”

We believe that there is a great bright spot to being stuck at home, and that is the unprecedented opportunity to find new ways to connect with your kids and spouse in ways that wouldn't have otherwise been possible. Our temptation at this time in life is to imagine the worst, but instead of imagining the worst, what if we dreamed of the best for our families and community? What are your best hopes and dreams for your family over the next weeks and months? Have you dreamed about where your family could be at the end of this time? Let's journey together as Mosaic Kids, Youth and Teens ministry partners with you in helping us discover God's best for your family.

Be on the lookout

So keep an eye out for content for your child(ren). Whether it is content for Sunday School, Youth Group, Confirmation, Bible Study, or content for parents, we're here to make sure your kids don't miss a thing during this time of being at home. And more than that - we're aiming to make sure they grow in their faith and in their connection with their families as well. Here's to a new era for our ministry and your family!

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